Building the future of the environment and energy
with a view to the future of people and the Earth.

Our founder Shinichi Munemasa felt the potential in word sanitation-hygiene management, and launched as a business in 1975.
At that time, there was no idea that environmental sanitation would be left to the hands of professionals in Japan, and therefore everything started from scratch.
Since then, we have been working on a variety of businesses focusing on the environment, while taking the needs of the times into consideration and expanding our business areas such as recycling of industrial waste and renewable energy.
The importance of this project has been understood by many customers, and it has been growing while expanding its scope from housing to urban spaces and the global environment.
Environmental issues such as global warming, environmental pollution, and resource depletion are at a stage where global countermeasures are required.
The SDGs adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 and the Paris agreement adopted by the COP21 in December 2015 clearly show this.
In Japan, various policies, including the Basic Environment Plan and the Basic Energy Plan updated in 2018, are based on the same philosophy.
Today, "Creating a Sustainable Society" is a shared awareness of the world, and we believe that the values of the society are changing in the direction of emphasizing the businesses we have pursued over the years.
Toward the realization of the company philosophy of "a comfortable environment for the next generation," we will contribute to the creation of a comfortable environment for the next generation by fostering human resources with highly specialized technologies, striving to develop technological innovation and high-value-added services.

CEO, SANIX incorporated