Corporate philosophy
A comfortable environment for the next generation

Since its foundation in 1975, SANIX has been working to create a comfortable hygienic environment around ordinary houses, buildings, condominiums, offices and restaurants, based on its mission “Clean dirty areas and sanitize filthy”.
In 1994, with a strong awareness of the necessity and importance of the venous industry, we entered the business of recycling, reduction and detoxification of industrial waste, and have extended its scope to the global environment.
Furthermore, in ahead of the “environment” approach, we have been focusing on the energy business such as power generation using recycled plastic fuel, sales of photo voltaic system - a category-leader of renewable energy, and retail business of electric power.
Amid calls for the creation of a sustainable society on a global scale, various efforts on “environment” and “energy” are becoming increasingly important as an indispensable issue.
Having our eyes on the future, we will contribute to the creation of and comfortable environment for the next generation.

Management Philosophy
Our job is to education, and education is management.

Since a “clean and comfortable environment” as well as an “energy” which we deliver to our customers is intangible, SANIX believes that the people engaged in is a key of that business.
With the aim of providing customers with a comfortable environment by exercising our collective strengths as a group of specialists, we are working to develop human resources with creativity and humanity based on our management philosophy “Our job is education and education is management.”
We will continue to respond to the diversifying needs through constant study and practice.