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Renewable energy solution through tackling environment problems.

At SANIX, we have been developing and implementing sanitation management since 1975, starting from the ground up at a time when the concept of entrusting sanitation to professionals was still new.
Over the years our growth has been based on the development of unique products and technology ahead of the needs of the time, and the creation of comprehensive systems from survey through planning and implementing of sanitation measures,all the way to after-service.
The expansion of our business field has been from home sanitation to industrial waste management and to energy supply business.
Our success is due in no small part to the fact that our customers have a grasp of the core concept, and attempt simultaneous pursuit of environmental preservation and the power supply business.
The recent energy problem caused by the exhaustion of natural resources and mass consumption has proved more serious by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
For the realization of our corporate philosophy, gThe creation of a clean and comfortable environment for future generationsh, we expect it is essential to promote grenewable energyh and gVenous Industries* where wastes are processed and returned to the earthh.
Through development of human resources with advanced specialized knowledge, technological innovation, and the creation of value-added service, SANIX is striving to help build a clean, comfortable environment for the generations to come.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

–Venous Industry is a term used in Asia to mean industrial recycling, from waste back into raw materials for new production.

CEO, SANIX incorporated