Management philosophy

"Our job is to educate, and education means management."

At Sanix, where work is education, and education begets management, we have been committed to the corporate mission of eCleaning Up and Sanitizing Our Environmentf since our founding in 1975. We help to create clean and comfortable living environments for the home, office and apartment buildings, restaurants and other facilities. In 1994 we entered the industrial waste treatment, reduction and reprocessing field, and continue to develop this critical global market, in awareness of the necessity of the venous industries. We strive as professionals for a clean, comfortable environment, an intangible product that meets a wide variety of consumer needs. We continue to improve our professional level through human resource development, including creativity and human ingenuity, for at Sanix the work is education, and education begets management. We have our eyes to the future, to the creation of a clean and comfortable environment for future generations.